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 what are we doing? 
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Post what are we doing?
What are we doing?

I’ve watched loved ones fight with words like dogs fight with teeth. Pain and hurt given with deliberate and surgical aim. I see us passing about sorrow, uncaring and unconcerned with what happens when the pain we give blossoms like a seed inside its new owner and grows. Do we know that we are poisoning ourselves as we poison those around us? Do we care?

What are we doing?

We lie to ourselves, twisting our world until it no longer resembles the one outside our minds. We play and live in our closed in worlds until the truth shatters the dream. Sometimes its not even the truth, but another clever lie, dressed up in the truths clothes. The lies comfort us, let us pretend the world isn’t as we fear it is. We forget the balance within the world, dwelling on polarizing extremes rather than the actual harmony of forces around us. We wish everything to be good or bad, happy or sad. lucid or mad.

What are we doing?

When did our chief form of entertainment become watching people backstab one another for fabulous prizes and cash awards on national television? When did the writer of Star Wars forget his talent so thoroughly that he had to resort to fart jokes? when did we forget how to tell a new story? When did the formula behind airplane and the naked gun stop being funny? when did we start caring about celebrity love lives more than the people who have the nuke trigger? When did we forget how to repair our things, and start throwing them out as soon as they get a little dirty? When did we stop teaching our children things ourselves and start relying on other people to do it for us?

What are we doing?

I want to find peace within myself. I want to stop having all these contradicting impulses. I want to find someone to love. I want to find someone who will love me. I want to see twilight in a cherry blossom grove while the Sakura blooms above. I want to learn another language. I want to travel to the west coast. I want to see something supernatural, just once in my life. I want to finish transcribing my book. I want to grow, become wiser, and smarter. I want to believe that the world isn’t run by people with the emotional maturity of fourth graders. I want more episodes of Firefly. I want to talk with Allen More. I want the Russ Martin show back on the air. I want to find a way to channel the lust within me into electricity and provide the world with free power. I want the people in my life to understand I mean no one any harm.

What are we doing?

There needs to be more Joy in the world. buy a bottle of bubbles. Use the whole thing in one sitting. Eat a piece of good chocolate. Read a book you haven’t read in years and loved. Watch the Princess Bride again. Listen to some classical music. Find a Karaoke bar and sing something that leaves you out of breath. Tickle someone. Ride a roller coaster. Watch a movie in 3D. count how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop. Don’t trust the owl. He lies. Do the electric slide. Call your mom. Buy a Mexican wrestler mask and wear it around your friends and not explain why. Talk Like Caboose from Red Vs Blue. Paint something. Watch episodes of CSI you’ve never seen and try to guess what piece of evidence will nail the crook this week. Eat a fresh baked cookie. Find something that gives you a happy and DO it! we must regularly dose ourselves with Joy so that we don’t forget it exists.

What are we doing?

In small increments I’m trying to make it better. Can I get a little help?

what are you doing?

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