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 Whats in Your Library? 
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*Looks at pile of books* :shock:
right errrm... okayyyyy....

Dickens - Tale of two cities, Christmas Carol, Oliver
Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials Trilogy
Tolkien - LOTR Trilogy
Douglas Adams - HHGTTG Trilogy of four
J.K. Rowling - All 5 HP books
Victor Hugo - Les Miserables
Shakespeare - All Works
Milton - Paradise Lost
Dante - The Divine Comedy
Ted Hughes - Tales from Ovid
Homer - Odessey
Sue Towsend - Adrian Mole
Mario Puzo - The Godfather
Jostein Gaarder - Sophies World
Gene Brewer - K-PAX
Robert Browning - Selected Works

And that's all i can think of up to now....but it's about 1 10th of what i've read i think...

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Thu Jun 03, 2004 7:42 am
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I should remember this, because I had to go through my shelf to pack it away for college.

H.P. Lovecraft - At the Mountains of Madness and The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath are just plain spooky. As are his other shorter stories.
Tolkien - which seems to be a recurring thing here...LOTR, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion
Susan Cooper - The Dark is Rising Sequence is an amazing blend of modern times and Celtic lore
Douglas Adams - The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide (all five)...which I must get BACK
Terry Prattchet - some Discworld
Neil Gaiman - American Gods, Neverwhere, Smoke and Mirrors ,Good Omens with Prattchet, an excerpt of which a friend an I used for a school project with hilarious results
James Gurney - the Dinotopia books were a very integral part of my childhood
James Cameron - Timeline is my favorite, although I did get Prey from my Physics teacher (go figure)
Selected Greek tragedies and Ovid's Metamorphosis
Kafka - The Metamorphosis, The Trial, The Castle, Amerika...most of these are the result of me trying to find Metamorphosis for school and ended up getting an anthology

And a bunch more authors that show up in no particular frequency

If we're talking manga too, well there's X/1999 by Clamp and Evangelion, but that's the majority of it.

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Mon Jun 07, 2004 1:45 pm
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Current literature includes:

Several Graphic Novels (I don't know if they count)
Evangelion Special Collector's Edition-Volume 5-Yoshiyuke Sadamoto
.Hack//Legend of the Twilight-Volumes 1-2-Rei Izumi
Megatokyo-Volumes 1-2-Fred Gallagher/Rodney Caston
Love Hina-Volume 14-Ken Akamatsu

For my non-manga stuff:
American Gods-Neil Gaiman-My first book by Mr. Gaiman, which is pushing me to find Neverwhere.
The Taming of the Samurai-Eiko Ikegami-An excellent book explaining the roots, history, and influence the samurai class had on the evolution of Japan as a nation.
Ender's Game-Orson Scott Card-A personal favorite, because of the intellectuality behind it. That and because it made adults reconsider what children could do.
Ender's Shadow-Orson Scott Card-Another favorite, only this time because of the focus on the past of Bean.
Star Wars: Tales from the New Republic-Compilation-Some of the best short stories I've read. The Last Hand is a must-read.
Harry Potter and the (Insert the rest of one of the book titles here)-J.K. Rowling-All very good, and getting better. I wonder if Rowling might turn to Fiss for the last book, if only an insert?
Castle Roogna-Piers Anthony-A kick ass book about magic, mystery, and a really dumb barbarian hero.

That's really it, aside from stories and fanfics from the net.

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Fri Jun 11, 2004 11:03 pm
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Post Two more
For anybody who's into the study of Art of War and/or is a fighter jock or fighter jock wanna-be:

Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War by Robert Coram


The Mind of War: John Boyd and American Security by Grant Hammond

Know what the OODA loop is? Want to see where we're screwing up on the War on Terrorism? Want to know how to start with your adversary at your six o'clock, reverse positions, and wax his ass in forty seconds or less? John Boyd knew - and now, so can you.

Read them in tandem - Hammond focuses on Boyd's ideas; Coram, on Boyd the man. It's like jazz - I can't explain it until you read it, and once you've read it, if I have to explain it to you, you ain't never gonna know...

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Sun Jul 11, 2004 9:44 pm
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Let's see, well, there's

I Strahd, The Memoirs of a Vampire and I Strahd, The War Against Azalin by P.N. Elrod. Very good, and I've read Memoirs twice. Strahd's a personal favorite character of mine and I often crack the cover again and again.

Halo: The Fall of Reach and Halo: First Strike by Eric Nylund. I never read The Flood since I've played the game and that's pretty much what The Flood is - the game in written form. A good writter, he attaches you to the characters quite successfully, especially John 117, the Master Chief.

Good Omens, the Pratchett/Gaiman combo. I love this book! It's not currently on my shelf because I've bought two copies. Let me clarify - I laughed through the first copy I bought so much I gave it to a friend insisting that she read it. Then I bought my second copy. Which I gave to a different friend after reading through it again and then I moved out of state and have since not replaced it. If you haven't read this book, something's wonky with you! Or not wonky enough.

The Belgariad and The Malloreon by David Eddings and Leigh Eddings. These two series inspired me so much I am now writing my own high adventure fantasy series. Interesting takes on magic and politics and deities. Deffinitely worth shelling out the cash for them.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. True, he got majorly chewed on by the Japanese community for the book, but I enjoyed it. Very believable characters you quickly become attached to and Sayuri is one of my favorites.

The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Silmarillion by (who else?) J.R.R. Tolkien of course!

No more Stephen King. I dropped off from reading horror. (On a side note, did you know he gets paid by the word? Could be why he started producing so much work at such low quality in such large page numbers).

The Chronicles of Narnia, The Screwtape Letters, and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. The man is amazing. Screwtape will make you laugh and cringe, sometimes...okay, often at the same time.

Interview With The Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, Tale of the Body Thief, and Memnock The Devil by Anne Rice. The Vampire Lestat was her best by far. Queen was where the plot thinned and the characters didn't hold as true anymore. Memnock reads like a personal explanation of her own religious views. Overall, her work descended after The Vampire Lestat. It's like she lost her edge after that. Armand...ugh. I can't believe I read the whole thing! (She gets paid by the word too. I'm starting to see a trend here...)

Shakespeare. Enough saideth. :) And if you can get tickets to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, give your life's blood to get them! Okay, well, don't go that far. But it's so amazing. Three men do all of Shakespeare in about two hours and the one who plays all the women does an amazing Hamlet. I even got called to the stage once to be Ophelia briefly! This is a show worth so much...a two hour car ride being nothing. Even if you have to sit next to someone stinky all the way. Both there and back. ;) Oh, and Hamlet was written after the death of Shakespeare's son, Hamnet, due to plague.

My husband insists I read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Which I will do. Someday. When he's finished writing the series. I hate waiting for books to come out. Apparently the 7th was his notes compiled into book form because he had horrendous writer's block and deadline was looming.

Rudyard Kipling I have yet to read but have always wanted to. I love Tiger Tiger. True, it's only a poem, but something in it catches at me.

Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maude Montgomery. I've never lost my love for these books and now that I'm older I understand the later books of the series much better and relate to Anne better.

White Fang by Jack London. Simply a well-written, touching, endearing adventure story almost from White Fang's point of view but not. Also Call of the Wild.

Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. This was so ahead of its time and so beautifully written I cried when it ended. Due to how it ends and also the fact that I was out of book! Beautiful background description and character reaction to circumstance.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I like this one for it's realism and pull on colonial America and the effect of the war on the formation of society as shown through the lives of four girls in Concord Massachusetts. Jo is my favorite, but then I think Jo is everyone's favorite.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It has such real people for characters the story sometimes staggers, but it pulls together well and makes for a good read overall. My copy is highlighted and underlined all through since I had to read and analyze the work for English.

The Killer Angels by ... I don't remember the author's name. I don't have a copy of this one, but I read it in high school for American History. It's written about the Civil War through the experiences of the soldiers and commanders who fought in it. Very engaging and deeply felt.

Manga -
Sadly, the only one I possess is the first Sailor Moon. I want to get the rest, hang it all! The scouts are so much better in Manga format than in anime! I also want all of the Ranma 1/2 stuff.

Fan Fiction -
SM OMOI of course! Sorry, that's the extent of my knowledge on Fiss' writing. I never saw Neon Genesis Evangelion so I wasn't attracted the fan fics of it. Is a grasp of the series necessary to understanding Higher Learning? I also read Mistletoe.
Also, a Sephiroth fan fic by Bishonen no Miko. Mmmm...Sephi sama...drool... It's the Mako eyes. Yummy...and good fan art from her too.

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Sat Jul 24, 2004 7:16 pm

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Ayn Rand: The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

I've got more but these are the best.

I'm the author of one of the manifestoes in the listing. Whoever guesses first gets a cookie.

Sat Jul 24, 2004 7:22 pm
When I saw this thread I just had to put my two cents in. I totally agree with Reaya about Anne McCaffery's Talent series and the Dragons of Pern. She was the author that got me hooked on the Fantasy genre. However, I have to say that my one of my favourite authors is a Canadaian by the name of Tanya Huff. The first book I read of hers was Child of the Grove and it's sequel The Last Wizard. But a good series to start off with is the Keeper series (Summon the Keeper, The Second Summoning, and Long Hot Summoning). This series will have you laughing so hard you'll be crying.

Other noteworthy authors:

Anne Bishop: Black Jewel Trilogy (Daughter Of The Blood; Heir To The Shadows; Queen Of The Darkness), Shadows and Light series, and the Pillars of the World series.

James Clemmens: The Banned and the Banished's a five book epic series.

Fuyumi Soryo: He wrote the comic series Mars which is very popular with teen girls over in Japan.

Their are tons more but I can't think of them off hand.

Fri Aug 27, 2004 5:15 pm
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[Filler text]

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Wed Feb 08, 2006 8:30 am
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Well... I wish I had seen this when it was still alive... but oh well.. heres mine..

Garth Nix- The man is a genius
Laurell K. Hamilton
Micheal A. Stackpole- One of the nicest people I have ever met
Robert R. McCammon
Victoria Holt- Writes trashy romance, but SO good
Jacqueline Carey- The Kushiel Books

Well.. crap thats all I can think of... kind of sad.. I have two bookcases full of stuff... -_-

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Mon Jan 29, 2007 12:44 pm
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Post More from Dark
Yeah finished 'His Dark Materials' trilogy a while back. Gotta say it rocked as much as Paradise Lost did. Have been reading alot of Murakami recently including 'A Wild Sheep Chase', 'Hard Boiled Wonderland and the end of the world' and 'The Wind Up Bird Chronicle'. Will be starting 'Kafka On The Shore' when I have time.

Also about are '1984' and 'Fatherland' two great alternate history/future thrillers. 'Stalingrad' and 'Berlin: The Downfall' by Antony Beevor are great pieces of historical writing. Alot of reading I'm currently doing on Japanese society and language for my degree. Next must read on my list is 'Things Fall Apart' by Chinua Achebe. (He will have his revenge on EC1). :P

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Mon Jan 29, 2007 5:30 pm
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I've got a lot of David Brin on my shelves. A lot of stuff that everyone else has. Lots of obscure old sci-fi that you find at used book stores.

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Sun May 06, 2007 9:25 am
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K here we go

Sword of Truth series by Terry goodkind-- Great story. The heroes are relatable, there's a great moral conflict between good and evil, just great story in general

HP series 1-6: Nothing I can say about these that hasn't already been said in the forums. Good books.

L5R, both clan wars and 4 wind sagas: Been a huge fan of the roleplaying game and quite a few of the books are pretty well written

Call of the wild and white fang: The books that made wolves me favorite animal

and that's about all I can think of

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Fri Jun 01, 2007 10:55 am
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Post Re: Whats in Your Library?
Wooooooooooahhhh........tons of amazing libraries, my friends! Lots of classics, lots of stuff that peaks my interest. Very very nice.

MY library? Well...

Jose Saramago -nobel prize winner for literature. I recommend "Blindness" and "Seeing", as well as "All The Names"

Paulo Cohelo - ever hear of a book called "The Alchemist"? I did some ten years ago, and it's a tremedously inspiring short read. In fact, anything by this dude is gold.

Salman Rushdie - duh.

Robert Kiyosaki - "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Find out why your shitty attitude toward money isn't helping yourself or anyone around you. Change your financial IQ and way of thinking.

John Irving - "Cedar House Rules" and "Until I Find You", which happens to be a fairly accurate novel about tattooing in the old days (like, before Hepatitis and AIDS were even a possibility).

Brett Easton Ellis -"American Psycho" (the novel is only about 100x more messed up than the movie) "Less Than Zero", "Galmorama", "The Rules of Attraction" (also made into a fucked up movie).

Douglas Coupland - "Hey Nostradomus!", "Shampoo Planet"...anything this guy from Vancouver writes is worth looking at.

A plethora of theatre books -Shakespeare is the tip of the iceberg...Arthur Miller, Samuel Beckett, Bukowski (his poetry is the only work of his that made my collection), Tennesse Williams..... c'mon. I married a drama student. Of COURSE I've seen these.

John Robbins- "The Food Revolution" - this guy was the heir to the Baskin Robbins company and removed himself from the fortune to persue a lifestyle that did not condone the exploitation of animals, nor did he wish to suffer from the ice cream-induced heart attacks most of his family would suffer in years to come. As a vegan, tremendously inspiring.

Harry Potter- duh.

Far Side Complete Collection- courtesy of my awesome bro and lovely wife Senie.

Various Art Histroy/media books, art books of Vargas, Bill Ward, anatomy, tattoo magazines, tattoo art books, etc.

Tons of Spawn, Gunsmith Cats, Oh My Goddess, and other comics.

Anything by Ai Yazawa. Her art is amazing, ans=d story telling incredibly cinematic.

To break it down any further would be going through book by book, and I seriously don't have that kind of time right now. :) There are a LOT of books. Moving SUCKS, but it's soooooo worth it.

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Sun Mar 23, 2008 12:44 am
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