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 SMSK: Sailor Moon; Sailor Knights 
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Sailor Moon Sailor Knights
Part 1: Trouble Abroad
By Puck Nny Bethlehem

-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"There is no right or wrong, only fun and boring."

Moscow, Russia
August 10, 10:30 p.m.

Yuri turned a corner looking back to see if his pursuers had followed him down the ally. He stopped when he saw no one turn the corner. "Thank God. They finally gave up." he said pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.

"You know those things will kill you Yuri."

Yuri spun to see his followers. The man that looked to be the leader stepped forward.

"Why did you run old man?" he said pulling out a gun. "And where did you hide those files." Yuri saw the man empty all but one bullet from the six-shooter he held "Tell me and this won't be necessary, you know." the gun was now pointing at him.

"I can't tell you Sawa." Yuri said bluntly throwing the cigarette at Sawa

"I'd reconsider if I where you old friend. Or Ramus might help you reconsider." at that he pulled the trigger. Click. Yuri looked Sawa right in his eyes.

"I don't think so 'friend', I'm not giving you those files."

"Very well, have it your way." Sawa pulled the trigger on the gun again.

Tokyo, Japan
July 14, 1:30 p.m.

Lita picked up her carry-on bag and turned to her friends standing behind her "Well guys looks like I'm all set for the flight, it leaves in about one hour." she said looking at each one of them one more time before she left

"Tell us how Corpus is Lita." said Ami "And tell us about the boys there." added Mina with a smile.

"Go there yourself if you want to know about the boys." said Lita smiling at Mina.

"Hey, will you send us a picture of you two when you get there?" asked Rei

"Sure, I'll e-mail one." said Lita

"What's the name of this guy again?" asked Serena stupidly

"For the tenth time his name is C.J., why do you keep on asking if you?re not going to remember?" Rei said crossing her arms.


A man sat at a table off to the side looking at the group of girls talk until the tallest one left for her flight. He pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number on speed dial. "She just left for Corpus sir." he said into the phone

"Good. Now it's up to Ian to follow her in America, as for you get some sleep. Three days worth of waking hours is not good for ya Jean." said the man on the other end of the phone.

"Yes sir." Jean turned off the phone, yawned and stood up to leave "Wonder if they serve breakfast in bed at that hotel"

Dallas, Texas
July 15, 5:30 a.m.

Lita stepped out of the terminal and into the sun. She looked around and saw several people just standing around with signs, but she saw one in Japanese. It had her name on it. The man holding it was very tall, he had black hair and sunglasses on. He was dressed in a trench coat as well as a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt. Lita walked up to him "Hey Lita." the giant said lowering the sign

"Hey C.J." she said hugging him.

"How was the flight? Did you do what I asked?" he said getting a big grin on his face

"Yeah, I did." Lita pulled out several packages of roasted peanuts. C.J. took the peanuts she handed him "Thanks." he said stuffing the salted goodness into his pockets.

"No problem." Lita said putting on her own sunglasses.

"So what do you want to do now that your here?" C.J. asked picking up her suitcase.

"Well first lets go drop off these bags so they're not weighing us down." answered Lita as they walked to the parking lot.

Ian walked out as the two left for the parking lot "Alrighty, so she has a friend in Corpus." he said to himself walking to the car hold. He found the car he sent to America via airplane.

"Good to see ya Ian." spoke a voice from the hood of the car. A woman with long blonde hair sat on the hood of his car.

"Hey Cleo. Good to see ya." Ian smiled as he unlocked his car door then hers.

"What's the assignment this time?" she asked getting into the car.

Follow a senshi and see if she leds us to one of them." said Ian starting up the car.

"Sounds fun." she said popping her chair back.

Manassas, Virginia
July 20, 6:00 a.m.

Michael opened his eyes to his alarm clock but sat straight up when he saw his cat staring at him. "Don't do that Neko!" he exclaimed picking up the black cat. "You're going to give me a heart attack little guy." He put the cat on the ground and got out of bed. He changed his pants and scratched his head while yawning and stretching. He checked his appearance in the mirror. He had brown hair and brown eyes. His shirt was white with long black sleeves, his pants were loose black jeans. He went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. "Nope, nope, nope. Okay, there is nothing to eat in this place anymore." Mike said closing the fridge and walked downstairs. "Wish C.J. was still here, it would still be fun around here." Mike sat in front of the family computer and double clicked on the Internet icon "Wonder if C.J.'s online?"

Mike heard His parent?s room open and his Mom came out "What are you doing?" She asked walking up the stairs.

"Seeing if C.J.?s friend made it okay the first day." Mike said rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Mike turned on the music player and started playing every song on the computer, starting with Mayonaise by the Smashing Pumpkins. Mike e-mailed the message to his brother. "That takes care of CJ." Mike stood up and stretched again.

"Michael, you?ve got mail." Mike went up the stairs took the letter off the landings table.

"Wonder who it's from?" he said opening it and reading the contents.

?Dear Michael Bueno

If you value your older brother C.J.'s life, take the plane ticket and go to Balboa immediately.

-Keiichi Yoto?

Mike read the letter again. He looked up and blinked ?Probably a prank??..Yeah that?s it, a prank.? Mike smiled and laughed weakly, then read the letter again. ?Okay, I?ll just call him.? Mike walked over to the phone and dialed C.J.?s number ?This must be a joke thought up by Fiss.? Mike thought to himself.

Mike was connected to the answering machine. ?Not good.? Mike thought. He?s always home in the mornings.
Tokyo, Japan
July 20, 7:00 a.m.

Ami rubbed her eyes as she got out of bed. She walked over to her closet and picked out some average clothes for the day. After she changed and got breakfast she signed online. ?Wonder if Lita sent me that picture yet.? Ami said to herself scratching her head. ?Lets see????.OH! He finally responded.? Ami said clicking the e-mail.

?Hey Ami
I know I haven?t e-mailed you for a while but I?ve been buried in work. I?m planning a trip to Tokyo sometime in the next few months, so I was wondering if you could hook me up at a temple or something. Please tell me if you can. -Michael ?

?He?s coming to Tokyo. Alright!? Ami said closing the e-mail. Ami scrolled down and clicked on Lita?s e-mail. Ami saw the picture of Lita and a tall man in a black trench coat, sharply dressed too. ?Wow. They make a cute couple.? Ami said scrolling down to the letter.

?Yo Ami.
Dallas is great, you?d love it here. And C.J. said he had a little brother in Virginia he?d like you to meet someday. ?Lita?

Ami went about checking her other e-mails and stopped when see saw another one ?Strange this one is also from Dallas.? Ami clicked the letter.

?Ami Mizuno
If you wish to see your friend Lita again, you?ll go to the Cherry Hill Shrine on the date I?ve set. Make sure you bring your friends as well. -The man?

Ami looked at the e-mail and blinked. Ami breathed real deep then ?WHAT!?? Ami called all the scouts and had them go the temple. She then printed out the letter, and then ran out the door at top speed with barely enough time to put on her shoes.


Rei sat on the Temple steps waiting for the others to show ?Where are they?? she asked herself. Ami came running up the steps at top speed ?As usual Ami wins first for being on time.? Rei held an invisible microphone to Ami ?What do have to say to the folks out there watching??

?Stop watching me you perverts. Rei we have a big problem.? Ami said finally catching her breathe.

Rei looked at Ami ?What type of problem?? Ami looked around for Chad or Mr. Hino.

?Lita?s been kidnapped, as well as C.J.? Ami said finally catching her breath.

Rei looked at her ?Lita is in America Ami, how did you find this out?? ?

?Some guy e-mailed me about it. Oh yeah, you know that guy Mike I always e-mail in America?? Ami said fixing her hair.

?Yeah, what about him?? Rei asked

?He might be coming here in the near future and I was wondering if he could use one of the spare rooms you got here.? Rei looked at Ami then nodded not knowing what the hell she was talking about.

Serena and Mina came walking up the hill and found Ami trying to snap Rei out of the strange look. ?What happened to Rei?? asked Mina suppressing a smile

?Oh good you?re here. Listen, Lita?s been kidnapped, as well as C.J.? said Ami.

Serena finally spoke up ?How do we rescue them??

Rei looked at Serena ?That?s what we?re thinking about meatball head.?

Serena growled ?Don?t call me that!? Mina and Ami started thinking of plans to rescue Lita and C.J. while Rei and ?Meatball Head? got into a bitching contest. Luna and Artemis sighed at the fight.

?They?ll never get along? Artemis said shaking his head while Luna just nodded.

Balboa, Spain
July 20, 1:20 p.m.

Mike handed his passport to the clerk ?I have a package for you sir.? said the clerk handing him back the passport. She reached under her desk and pulled out a small box ?Here you go. Enjoy your stay here in Balboa.? She smiled. Mike thanked her and left.

Mike sat on a bench and looked at the package ?Wonder why there?s a package for me here.? He said opening the box. He saw a cell phone, a map, 50,000 dollars in local currency and yen, and a letter.


The cell phone immediately rang ?Hello?? Mike said turning it on.

?I see you decided to come. Thank you.? said a voice on the other end.

?Where?s my brother? Michael growled into the phone.

?He?s safe, and so is his friend. I want you to do something for me.?

Mike raised an eyebrow ?What? You want me to do something for you after you?ve kidnapped my brother, who do you think you are?? Mike asked

?You?ll find out. Go to the circled location on the map and we?ll talk, and the phone?s yours now.?

?A gift? How sweet.? Mike said turning off the phone. He pocketed the cash and phone. ?Circled location my foot. I?m going to bash his (Exploited, deleted) head in!? Mike picked up the map and unfolded it ?Lets see?????A park? This guy must be a walking clich?.? Mike folded the map and grabbed his bag while leaving the airport.

Mike walked along to the appointed meeting place while thinking of how to get this guy back for kidnapping his brother. Mike walked for an hour from the airport to the park that was circled on the map. ?Is this the place?? Mike said looking at the map and made sure he was at the right place. He put the map in his pocket and walked into the park.

Mike saw a lone man in a suit standing in the center of the park.

One of those buildings
Who can tell what time or date it is in here

Lita opened her eyes slowly because of the huge headache she had from being knocked out. ?Whir em I?? She asked talking through a gag.

?Closet of a bakery.? called out a voice from the darkness.

?E.J.?? Lita said recognizing his voice.

?The one and only.? He said taking the gag from her mouth.

Lita sighed as C.J. finally took off the ropes that bound her ?What happened?? She asked standing up.

?Don?t know much other than being knocked out.? C.J. cracked the door and that?s about all he could do ?It?s bolted really tight.? He said trying to push the door open some more.

?Can you see any written text?? She asked trying to get a look out the door.

?No.? He said relaxing off the door.

?Then how do you know it?s a bakery?? Lita sat on the floor C.J. sat across from her.

?You can smell the bread.? C.J. answered grinning.

?Oh.? Lita said slumping to the floor. The door opened and flooded the room with light.

?Hello.? said the person standing in the doorway.

C.J. and Lita covered their eyes from the light ?Sorry about the light? said the voice closing the door and turning on some low power lights. C.J. and Lita looked at their visitor. He was a slightly taller than your average Japanese man. He wore a black suit and had slicked back black hair.

?My name is Keiichi Yoto. You are to meet with someone that?ll protect you.? He said kneeling down in front of them.

?With whom? And from who?? asked Lita raising an eyebrow.

Keiichi smiled and looked at CJ ?Your brother. Don?t know the latter? CJ looked at Yoto like he said he was Santa Clause or something along those lines. ?Riiiiight.? CJ said getting a good laugh from what he said.

Someone knocked on the door. ?Come in.? Kei said standing up and straightening his suit. There was a beautiful blonde standing at the door.

?Sorry boss, but he?s getting impatient waiting.? She said thumbing down the hall.

?Thanks.? He shut the door and turned to CJ and Lita.

?Who?s the supermodel?? CJ asked with a curious expression.

?Cleo.? Keiichi said reaching into his coat pocket ?You dropped this when Ian picked you up from Dallas.? He tossed something to Lita and left.

?That guy?s to the point isn?t he?? said CJ watching Keiichi walk out and close the door. Lita looked at the object tossed to her. She hid it before CJ could see what it was.

?Why is this guy want us to meet with your brother?? she asked stretching.

CJ frowned ?I don?t know.? he slumped against the wall ?What did he give you Lita?? he asked.


Keiichi walked up to a man waiting in a chair ?He?s awake now.? he said passing him by on his way out ?Remember the deal.? he added stepping out the door. The person stood up turned around to face the wall. He punched the wall with all his strength ?BASTARD!? he growled holding his hand in pain.

The man walked down the hall to the door Kei was at. ?Knock, knock.? He grinned opening the door. He looked inside the room. ?Hello CJ.? CJ looked past his hand to see through the blinding light.

?Mike?? he asked slowly lowering his hand.

?Hai.? Mike said closing the door behind him.

?How did you know where we were?? CJ asked staring at his younger brother.

?Easy, I met the guy who was in here earlier.? Mike said handing CJ a coat and sunglasses. ?Your Mike?? asked Lita looking him over

?Hai.? he letting out of the room.

They walked down the hall and into a lobby ?I hope you know Spanish CJ.? Mike said as they walked into the sunlight of Spain. ?Damn it?s bright.? CJ said putting on the shades Mike gave him. ?How did we get here? And what are you doing here Chivato?? he asked walking next to his brother.

Mike stopped and looked at CJ ?Now that?s a secret.? He said grinning. Lita was searching for a sign to indicate where they were in Spain ?What part of Spain are we in?? Mike slowed down to get beside her ?Not too far from the northern coast of Balboa.? He said walking back up to his regular pace.

Tokyo, Japan
July 21, 1:30 a.m.

Ami, Mina, Rei, and Serena sat in Rei?s living room talking about how they were going to find Lita and CJ when the door opened and in stepped a cloaked figure ?Who are you?!? they all said as they jumped up. The person looked at the girls ?I?m here to tell you about your friend.? The girls glared at their visitor.

The person shook their head ?Very well then.? The person turned to leave ?Who are you and what is it you were going to tell us? Ami said. The person stopped ?The only reasonable one? it said ?My name is Landis,? He said taking off his hood. ?And the Silver Army has them.?

The girls took a step back. The man looked at them ?I know where they are now but that?s it.? His face had a scar going down the right side of his face and his eyes were pure blue almost glowing. His hair was silver and not very well groomed. ?I will return to help you in time.? He turned and left.

Serena blinked ?Who was he?? they all thought. Ami looked at the spot he were he just was. ?What?s this?? she said picking something up. Mina walked over to her ?It looks like a crystal.? She said touching it. Rei sat back down ?The Silver Army has her. What does that mean? Who are they?? Serena thought(Scary isn?t it) ?Maybe they?re with the Negaverse.?


They all sat back down unaware that they were being watched from the window ?Soon you will have to face more than your ready for.? Landis said pulling up his hood. He turned and jumped up on the roof of the shrine ?I hope he?s right about them.? He said looking back briefly at the window.

Landis jumped off into the city.

Balboa, Spain
July 21, 10:15 a.m.

CJ sipped his coffee while listening to Mike explain how he came to be in Balboa. ?And that?s about it.? Mike said finishing his story. CJ put his coffee down ?Sounds weird eh Lita.? Lita nodded in agreement ?Yeah, but why did he contact you?? she asked taking a sip of tea.

?I don?t know.? Mike said with sigh.

CJ looked at Mike ?Hey. Chivato, when did you get the money for this trip? You?ve never had that kind of money.? Mike looked up then to his brother ?You?re right. When did I get that kind of money?? They all laughed and talked more unaware that someone was coming up behind them.

The person placed their hand on Mike?s shoulder ?How have you been Michael?? Mike looked up at the person ?Who might you be?? he asked recognizing his face ?YOU!? Mike stood up and spun to face the man. ?Yes it?s me.? said Keiichi smiling ?What do you want?? asked CJ standing up.

Keiichi smiled ?Time for the first part of your deal Michael.? Mike just nodded his head ?Alright.? Kei turned and started walking down the street towards the beach with Mike following behind him ?What?s going on?? asked CJ ?I don?t know.? answered Lita. They both walked after the pair.

Keiichi and Mike stopped at the coast ?This is it. You ready?? he asked looking at Mike ?Lets get this over with.? Mike said looking at the tranquil water of the beach. There was a sudden rumble from in front of them.

A giant object started coming out of the water. ?Meet the first, Shiba.? said Kei pulling out a rectangular box the size of a pen. He pressed a button on it and it turned into a glaive ?Ready?? he asked preparing for battle. The object started morphing into a dragon shape ?How long is this thing going to take?? Mike said pulling out a knife.

Shiba finished it?s transformation into a dragon. It roared at Keiichi and Mike and started walking towards the two warriors. CJ and Lita stood behind them on the street; Lita was slowly reaching for her lunar pen ?I wish I could help but CJ?s here.? She thought.

Shiba towered over all four companions. He was 25 meters tall with wings larger pick-ups. His skin was a jade green and his eyes were completely black. Keiichi stared at the monster in front of them he changed his weapons position and ran at Shiba. Mike did the same, but he came from a different angle than Kei.

Shiba clawed at Kei with his left arm and swiped at Mike with his tail. Mike drove his knife into Shiba?s tail and held on. Shiba blocked another jab from Kei and tried to throw him into a building. Mike got up and pulled his knife out of his tail. Lita inched her way into an ally and grabbed her lunar pen ?JUPITER PLANET POWER!? CJ heard someone yell this out and he started looking for who ever said it. Sailor Jupiter jumped up on a building.

Mike ran up Shiba?s back and onto his head. He thus continued to drive his knife through Shiba?s right eye. Shiba tossed his head back and threw Mike into the water While Keiichi drove his glaive into Shiba?s bare chest. Jupiter raised her antenna ?Jupiter Thunder Smash!? she said hurling a bolt of lighting at Shiba.

Shiba saw the bolt and raised his wing. The attack simply vanished, Shiba lowered his wing and roared at Jupiter ?That?s strange.? she said preparing another attack. Mike got out of the water and ran at Shiba again. Keiichi just barely dodged a swipe from his claw and block another with his glaive ?He?s fast for a big guy.? Kei said holding his claw back. Mike ran under Shiba and pulled out another knife.

Jupiter attacked again ?Jupiter Thunder Dragon!? the attack flew at Shiba. Shiba was to busy with Kei to notice Mike or the attack that was flying at his chest. He pushed Kei back with his claw and saw the attack too slow. Mike drove his second knife into Shiba?s left hamstring and ran after he pulled his knife out of the wound.

Shiba toppled slightly to the left and his head received full impact with Jupiter?s attack. Kei caught his breath while Mike ran up beside him. Jupiter jumped over to the two ?What is this thing?? she asked looking at the monster shake its head from the attack ?That?s Shiba. He?s hunting CJ.? said Keiichi lowering his glaive ?Hunting CJ?? asked Jupiter preparing for another attack.

?We?ll explain later.? said Mike pulling out two throwing darts. Shiba looked at the three fighters with his one good eye. He roared at them then he charged, running faster than any thing his size. Mike tossed his darts at Shiba?s chest wound then he jumped at his head aiming his knife right between its eyes. Kei promptly rotated his glaive stopping Jupiter from attacking Shiba ?What are you doing?!? she demanded looking at him in confusion ?Watch.? He said not looking away from the battle.

Lita looked at the fight ?What the?!? she said wide eyed. Mike was no longer in a shirt and blue jeans with a jacket, but an oversized white shirt with green lining and baggy black ninja-like pants. His hair was completely silver and he was standing on Shiba?s head, holding on for dear life while dodging his claws.

Mike suddenly pulled a sword that had appeared on his lower back, which he promptly stabbed Shiba?s left eye out with. Shiba though blind grabbed Mike and threw him into a building. Shiba?s chest started to glow faintly blue while his wings started flapping and bursting into flames.

Kei grabbed Jupiter and CJ while running into an ally way.

?That?s not good.? said CJ looking around the corner. Shiba started to breathe blue flames into the crater that Mike made, but Mike jumped out and jabbed Shiba right between the eyes.

Shiba roared and started to shake his head violently trying to get Mike?s sword out. Mike pulled out the sword and jumped off Shiba?s head ?Hybrid Fire!? Mike said extending his hand towards the beast. His hand started to glow slightly, then rapidly. Mike?s hand shot out several different color flames at Shiba.

The flames surrounded Shiba in dance of color. Shiba started to roar louder every time one of the colors touched his skin. All the flames started to gather in front of him then they all drove themselves into the wound in his head. Shiba?s roaring stopped suddenly only to be replaced by the sound of his body burning to nothing more than ashes.

Mike covered his nose and mouth with his hand as he walked up to the ashes with Keiichi, Jupiter, and CJ ?Looks like you were right Kei.? said Mike reverting to his old appearance.

?What happened to you just then?? asked Jupiter looking at Mike. Kei stepped forward and knelt down to grab something out of the ashes of Shiba ?He transformed just like you do Jupiter.? Kei stood back up holding a crystal.

Jupiter tried to change the subject with CJ about transforming, but he kept asking where Lita went but she couldn?t keep up with the lie. ?I?m Lita.? Jupiter said reluctantly changing back to her casual clothes ?That explains the pen Kei gave you.? CJ said looking up and scratching his chin. Kei and Michael looked at the scene, a beach in utter ruin because of a single monster ?See what we?re trying to prevent?? said Kei as he watched the people try and find their belongings and loved ones in the wreckage.

Mike closed his eyes and nodded ?Yes.? he said turning and walking back to his brother knowing there was more than just one monster waiting for his brother and him.

Ruins on the moon Io

?So he found one.? said a man sitting in a chair smoking a pipe.

?Yes sire.? said Sawa kneeling in front of the man.

?How many are left??

Sawa opened a file he had tucked under his arm ?Two more, but he has one unawakened one with him.?

the man nodded ?I see. Well you have been a busy boy haven?t you Gendo.? Sawa bowed ?Shall I find the other one for you sire?? the man leaned forward

Sawa stood up ?Shall I find the other one for you??. Nentsu.?

Nentsu nodded and put his pipe down ?Yes.?

Sawa bowed and disappeared into the darkness ?Soon they?ll have everyone if I don?t hurry.? said Nentsu as he emptied his pipe into an ash try ?Too bad, Shiba was a very skilled warrior for a weakling, it?s a shame he couldn?t beat his old master.? Nentsu smiled as he leaned back in his chair ?I?ll get my revenge Gendo and you won?t stop me.?

Preview for Part 2: When past comes alive again
The moon kingdom had three legendary warriors: a Rune Sage, a Legendary Swordsman, and a Skilled Archer. When the Negaverse attacked they fought bravely but still were outnumbered. Now they?re in the present and are being sought by a force they can?t fight yet.

(Chibi Mike pokes his head out and smiles. Mike pelvic thrusts his way on stage.) Hope you enjoyed Part 1, because there?s more. That?s right more. Pretty scary huh? I left out tuxedo mask out of the whole story for reasons unknown to me.

ANYWAY??? I did not make the following characters:
My mom
Santa Clause

I did however make these characters: HAHAHAHAHA????.It?s a GUNDAM AAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH *Bonk, Splat, Crash*
Sawa?s gun Ramus (He?s got a mind of his own, because he?s a real boy)
Chibi Me

Well that?s about it for now. See you after I get finished with PART 2 (insert echo) and after I buy more FLCL DVDs. Hail ILLPALAZZO! Shit! That?s another character I don?t own. SEE YOU NEXT TIME.
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