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I was thinking about my twist on the Magical Girl idea I had a while back, and started thinking more about it, and wrote up a premise for it...

Based on what you remember (or find, I'm sure the original posts are around somewhere.) Does this sound like an interesting Premise?

-- ------------


Magical Girl Tactical Support Project.


"___________ is an average young man with a knack for arcade shooters and a hobby of collecting Magical Girl based anime. However late one night walking home, he hears a noise and finds a police officer unconcious, and what can only be described as one of those Magical Girls pinned by a hideous beast. In a wreckless attempt to help, he finds himself brutally injured by the monster... yet by an act of luck, he uses the downed officer's pistol and accuracy honed by arcade games to put a bullet right between the creature's eyes. The Magical Girl and what he believes to be her 'mascot' slip away just as he loses conciousness. He later wakes up in the hospital, his right arm lost, and a stranger sitting in a chair near him. The stranger offers him a new arm if he would be willing to help out. _______ Accepts, and dives headfirst into the hidden world of Magic and monsters, where a small secret paramilitary group is trying to gather intelligence on the global threat posed by the leaders of the Monster that nearly killed him, and Identify the magical girls that were originally supposed to oppose them. It turns out the monsters don't have the cliche' stupidity seen in the Anime, and already several Magical Girls have been brutally murdered. The Magical girls themselves however seem to be the Cliche clutzy schoolgirl type... a recipe for dissaster of the highest order. Having accepted the role as the position in the group as their Pointman, and a weapon only he can use, it's a race against time to stop the monsters and demons and find that Magical Girl first, and do other insane hero type things like save the world through superior firepower."

Main male lead:

_________ is of smaller build, and generally normal asside from his hobbies. He's a left handed shooter who loves fast-twitch arcade games and gets perfect scores constantly. He's polite, but curious, and generally blends into a crowd. In the incident with the monster, he gets pinned by a spike tentacal attack that nearly severs his right arm at the shoulder. He manages to kill the monster as it evaluates him with a 'fast-twitch' snap shot with the policeman's pistol he picked up right through the creature's eye. In the hospital, his right arm is deemed lost, and is amputated. However, after he agrees to help the as of yet named organization, they rebuild his right arm using biotech, as well as lace the rest of his body with non-intrusive bio-enhancements that grant him super-athletic (but not super-human) performance. He is then given a specially made handgun that's designed to fire a super high velocity bullet. However, nobody has been able to field it because the recoil is equal to a fifty-cal rifle, and would break people's arms to shoot. Thanks to the cybernetic arm, which has eight times the strength of a human arm, he CAN field the weapon.
However his right was never his really good shooting hand, and his accuracy is nowhere near as good as his left. However he's now the only one who can conceal the level of firepower needed to kill any one of these demonic monsters quickly in an urban setting.

Main Magical Girl:

___________ is Sailor Moon-esque. The almost cliche schoolgirl who's kind of getting a crash course in Magical Girl fighting. She's not athletic, barely passes, and is motivated only by food or other simple schoolgirlish things most of the time, but immediately decides that stopping the demons is her calling. She barely survives her second encounter with a demon because of the assistance of a young man who is severely wounded in the fight, but manages to kill the demon for her. Terrified but defiant, she doesn't realize that she's up against enemies who will kill anyone in their way.

Magical Mascot.

__________ is in terms, the Mascot, and trainer... though to most. A pet ferret. He does not disclose that he's already seen three girls violently killed for not listening to his advice, at least not to his current charge... And the guilt eats away at him that he has no choice but to reach these girls first and unlock their skills, only to end up leading them to their death. Perhaps with a new group of allies, he can keep his new charge ALIVE, and find the remaining few and put an end to it all.

Unnamed organization:

___________ is funded in secret by an eccentric old millionaire with strong ties and good relations to high ranking officers in the US Navy. With these relations, and some convincing pieces of evidence, he's managed to create a small paramilitary organization that gets conveniently overlooked by Governments. He knows however, if this organization gained public notice, people in his company would deem him unfit to be head of the company, and have him replaced. However, US Naval Intelligence has confirmed that he has managed to procure some advanced research technology, and also confirmed at least some semblance of truth to the premise of the organization.

Enemy Threat:

__________- is a transdimensional dumping ground for the unsavory creatures of the past. Many of which started the legends such as Minotaur, Dragon, Giant, and others. Most cannot get free of their dimensional prison of sorts. However, in the last few years, the dimensional seal was weakened and allowed for some of the lesser creatures and a few of the Evil humans leading them to establish residence on a small 'island base' in the pacific. However, as Evil as the humans are. They are not stupid. They know they must capture certain artifacts and locations, and kill all the magical girls, the descendants of the ones that sealed them, in order to be completely free. However, the freedom of so many powerful creatures and monsters would plunge the modern world into chaos and bring civilization to its knees with at LEAST a century of total war.

*Plot Twist: The lead magical girl actually has one of the artifacts that needs to be captured within herself.

To be addressed points of plot:

- Why the enemy must concentrait on the Tokyo region.
- What makes the Magical Girls so important. (See Enemy Threat)
- Intelligent, almost always lethal enemy plans rather than 'Monster of the Day' plot outlines... with express objectives, and a clear-cut success VS failure... rather than hairbrained schemes.

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The enemies must concentrate in tokyo specifically because tokyo tower is built atop a leyline supernexus that harbours a dimensional rift. As such, it's far easier for them to cross over there then most other places (save london, which also contains a supernexus) Also, people in those areas have more 'energy'

Magical Girls are required because supernatural enemies are specifically shielded against nonmagical attacks. Increadible durability, them. ie: while normal fire will do jack shit to them, magic fire will hurt then just the same as magic water.

While holy attacks and the like will affect them (regardless of what religeon) chances are, the local demonhunters are previously engaged with the various demonic invasions and the like that happen every couple months.

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