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 Currently untiteled Merlin/Avalon book 
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Post Currently untiteled Merlin/Avalon book
I am a crone now, not the beauty I was in my youth, but I outlived the King I helped place on the throne. I am the daughter of a Prince, a magician child, the only child of Merlin, and a Woman of Avalon. I simply am Sunley Ambrosius Emrys.
Our world has fallen to darkness again; much like it was before the Bear. Yet, I remember my early years before this, clearer than the day, as if I was still living them, and maybe I am, in my dreams.
My powers, granted by birth and blood, are nearly gone now, as it is with the growth of age and wisdom, as my father said would happen.
It was on my father's deathbed that he told me of how I was begotten, and the tale, I know to this day, is true, and this I shall share.
* * * * * *

"Make ready our Virgin Huntress!" Shouted the High Priestess of Avalon. Nimue, young, and timid, a priestess of hardly sixteen years was the Virgin Huntress this year, most likely because she was the only virgin of age that year.
"Dear sister, I am not ready for this! What if he a mean one and is cruel?" She asked her best friend, Poe, who was also a Priestess.
Poe gave a shake of her head, she always overreacted, "Now, come on now, he wouldn't be the Stag King if he were mean, and you know it." She gave a yank at Nimue?s unruly red curls.
Nimue sighed, "If only I had a choice in the matter, and could choose the Stag King, than perhaps this wouldn't be so bad."
Poe finished braiding her hair, and looked over the painted symbols of faith on her body, and let out a soft laugh, "you just wish it were that young wizard, the new Magus, the one with the muscles of gold, eh?"
"I... I..." Nimue blushed and hung her head. "I knew it! Nimue, you know better than that, he's human, and even if he were the High King's son himself, he wouldn't be good enough for you, and you know it." She tugged on Nimue's arm, "come on now, its time."
The sound of the drums and the blazing fires were enough to send even the most overbearing of christen priests away for the night.
The High Priestess raised her arms, and everyone fell silent. "Tonight we celebrate Beltane, the union of the Virgin Huntress," Nimue was pushed forward, a mask covering her face. "And the Stag King." A man was thrust forward, his chest was bare, and brightly painted with symbols; his face was covered in a ceremonial mask.
"Blessed be your paths tonight Huntress and King, bring us the fertility needed for our lands!" The Priestess shouted, as the Stag King and the Virgin Huntress were ushered off into a cave. Outside everyone was chanting, "Blessed be the Earth Goddess."
The Stag King stared through his mask at her, "may I ask you something Virgin?" his voice was muffled against the mask. She nodded, terrified, wringing her hands through her red curls. "I can sense you are terrified, as am I, shall we remove our masks, and meet face to face, before we begin?" His eyes, such a beautiful blue.
She nodded, and reached for her mask, as he removed his.
Her mouth fell open in shock, as did his. "You?" they said in unison.
"I am Nimue, One of the Five, and you are?" She asked, regaining her composer.
?Merlin Ambrosius Emrys, the newly named Magus, and half belonging to Avalon." He said, fidgeting with his dragon pendant that clearly showed his royal lineage.
"I know you, Merlin," she touched his arm gently. "The Goddess brought us together tonight for a reason." Merlin smiled, he was truly, very handsome she thought, "really?" he said, "I thought it was because we were both virgin, and our blood was blessed by the Goddess." Nimue smiled, and sat beside him, "that is true as well." Her hand drifted down his chest, her green eyes fixed on his.
The chanting outside grew louder.
Merlin's hand drifted across Nimue's face and down her back, "I noticed you long ago in a dream, She told me we were to be together."
He kissed Nimue's neck softly, as she fell against him. "Tonight, we are the gods brought together, the morning is ours." Merlin and Nimue said, as they both fell together in the hay.

Chapter One
"What do you mean, you want me to take her?" Merlin asked, barely containing his rage. As the Magus, Merlin hardly had time for himself, and now to add a five-year-old girl to that. Pure insanity.
"Merlin, you have to. They won't allow Sunley back on Avalon." Nimue pleaded with him. It seemed hopeless, truly hopeless.
There she was the tiny girl that looked more like an elf than human was. Sunley was barely five years old, with soft red curls, and deep blue eyes that seemed to peer into a soul.
"Nimue, I cannot watch over her the way you wish me to. It's not possible, and you know it." Merlin said, his eyes on Nimue. Yes he still loved her, no question to that.
"Fine!" Nimue said, her voice reaching a higher pitch than intended. "Come along Sunley. He is simply too heartless to take care of his own daughter." She took Sunley's hand and marched off, her bright red hair streaming behind her.
Grumbling to himself for being so easily manipulated, Merlin caught up with her. "Fine. Very well, I will take her, Nimue, but if she causes me any trouble, I shall go to Avalon myself and make the Lady of the Lake let her stay there." He grabbed Sunley's hand, and pulled her behind him.
Sunley let out a scream, and stopped dead in her tracks, "NO! Momma!" She cried and hollered, giving Merlin a headache.
"No, no, now come along," Merlin said, trying in vain to calm the small child.
"Momma!" She screamed again, and an explosion of very powerful magic surrounded her, expanding and pushing everything away from her. Sunley quieted and ran to Nimue, clinging to her robe, whimpering softly.
Nimue picked up the small child, stroking her hair, "See Merlin? She has your power, and only you can teach her to use it correctly." He shook his head, dark hairs falling across his forehead, reminding Nimue of the rough, yet gentle handsome looks that she had fallen in love with.
"I cannot take her, Nimue. Look," He pointed at how happy Sunley was with her mother. "She wants to be with you, she doesn't even think of me as her father."
Nimue sighed, and set down young Sunley, "I had thought this might happen." She straightened up, pushing loose strands of hair out of her face. "I asked the Lady to let me leave Avalon for three years, to be with you and Sunley. She agreed, at a price." Her green eyes lowered.
Merlin slowly walked to her, touching her cheek softly, "what price?"
Nimue shied away from Merlin's touch, "She said that if I was going to be with you, Merlin, that I had to do so without the Goddess."
Her eyes filled with tears. "They made me give up my magic just to be with you and Sunley! I don't know if I can Merlin. I've always had the Goddess, and now to be without Her."
He stopped her with his lips. "You shan't have to worry, I will protect you." Merlin whispered into her ear.
Sunley gave Merlin a quizzical look; "You are a strange being, very strange."
She shook her head and tugged on Nimue's skirt. "Are we going with the strange man Momma?" Nimue nodded, "So I should trust him then?"
Sunley was very smart, even at only five. Nimue smiled, and straightened Sunley's wild hair, "Sunley, I want you to call the strange man," her smile grew. "Father, or Papa, if you want to, but calling him strange man isn't very polite."
Merlin let out a soft chuckle and ran his fingers through his tousled hair. "Strange man." he muttered, laughing harder.
Sunley gazed at him, her bright eyes searching Merlin's; "You love my Momma, don't you?" Merlin smiled and nodded, maybe this child wasn't so bad, she was rather funny, he thought.
Sunley stepped in-between Merlin and Nimue, picking up a rock and holding it ready, "if you hurt my Momma, I swear I will hurt you worse than you hurt her." She glared daggers at him and shook the rock at him.
Nimue and Merlin exchanged looks, than burst into laughter, how very intimidating, a tiny five year old brandishing a rock.
"I have no intention of hurting her, I plan to protect your Momma, and you from any harm." Merlin spoke, kneeling to her. Sunley snorted at him, and dropped the rock right on his foot, making Merlin yelp.
"I don't need your protection, and neither does Momma, I can protect us both just fine." She turned and took Nimue's hand. "Come on Momma, let's leave the strange man, he thinks we need his protection."
Nimue stared in disbelief, Sunley was rather rude to Merlin, and quite frankly, she was indignant to him as well.
"Now Sunley," Nimue began, crouching to her daughter's height. "Merlin is very special and important to me, it would be wise to be very kind to him." Her eyes met Merlin's for a moment.
Sunley shook her wild hair, and fidgeted with her small hands, "Nuh huh Momma, he thinks he is all high and mighty, just cause he is a man, hmph!" She stuck her tongue out at Merlin, who only sighed and rubbed his temples.
"She's very strong willed Nimue," Merlin said massaging his now bruised foot, "Sunley barely listens to you, and you have been with her since she was born."
Nimue shrugged in hopelessness," What do you want me to say Merlin? That our daughter is human and powerless? She's not!" Nimue's eyes filled with tears. "Sunley was born on Avalon, and shares your half-human blood, and you know that breaks the oldest of laws."
She stood her rage pecking. "You," she thrust a finger at him. "Are the Magus, you aren't supposed to bear children, and me, well, I was One of the Five. My blood was, is purer than any others on Avalon, and because of you, and your damnable charm, I lost it all, twice. I had to give up who I was to have Sunley, and I broke the laws by not returning to the human world. I now have to leave it all behind, so that our daughter, our daughter Merlin, could have a chance to see who her father is, and why I gave up so much, but I see you are too heartless to even try to raise a strong child."
Her knees gave way, and Sunley held to her arm. "Merlin, when I met you, seven years ago, you were young and fresh from travels, you were a novice to what you were, just barely the Magus, and me, I was just given the rank of Priestess. We shattered it all, for our love. Now tell me Merlin Ambrosious Emrys, is not the love we have for each other enough to try and raise for the child we created together?"
Tears ran in sparkling streams down Sunley's face, Nimue was beyond seeing through her tears, and Merlin was holding back his tears.
Clearing her throat, Nimue continued, "we consummated our love at Beltane, you as the Stag King, and I was the Virgin Huntress, and if you try to say that the Goddess did not smile on us that night, then you are lying. She did, She granted us with a beautiful child of such power that one day she might even rival you, but she needs guidance! Guidance only her father can give her."
Nimue stopped and simply stared at Merlin, while Sunley patted her mother's arm, and stood protectively beside her.
"Momma," Sunley spoke softly, walking slowly toward Merlin. And strange man, I know that few people understand your feelings other, but the Goddess did bring you together for a reason. As the proverb says, 'Brought together by the Goddess, be not your path complete until death.' She made this happen, to teach something, what it is, I have no idea, I'm only five, but if I am as powerful as Momma thinks, then I do need to be guided, and soon." She sat down in between them and started playing with grass, her glossy red curls shielding her face slightly.
Merlin let out a sigh and locked his arms around little Sunley, hefting her around his neck, "how is the view up there, Little Elf??
He offered his hand to Nimue, and pulled her to her feet, "I do believe we have somewhere to go." He said, gripping his staff tightly, and Nimue's hand held in his other hand.
Sunley poked Merlin's head with a finger, "where are we going?" She continues poking him gently in the same place.
"Well," Merlin said, kissing Nimue's cheek. "We are headed to my birth place, Wales. You have much to learn Little Elf, best we start where I started."
Hand in hand, Merlin and Nimue, with Sunley perched on Merlin's shoulders; they began the journey to Wales.

Chapter Two
They reached Merlin's birthplace with ease, even with a cranky five-year-old with them. Sunley let out a snort; "you were born here? Well, that explains that."
She pinched her tiny nose against the smell of the cattle that waft in the air.
Nimue giggled, taking her daughter's hand, "That is the smell of cattle and pigs, not humans." Merlin shook his head, figures that Sunley would confuse the smells, she had never been around humans, and the people of Avalon normally looked down on humans as the 'lesser' beings.
He looked around, his sharp eyes searching for a small cave t the top of a hill. "Aha! Still there, great." He said with a smile.
Sunley and Nimue exchanged bewildered glances. "Still there what?" Sunley asked, poking the ground with a stick.
"See that cave out yonder?" Merlin pointed to a small cave that seemed to be a hole in the ground, than anything else.
Sunley's eyes widen in anger; "you want Momma to stay there? She'll have to sleep on the ground! You aren't protecting her very well strange man." Sunley dropped the stick and swiftly kicked Merlin in the shin, glaring at him.
"Come on Momma, lets find somewhere better suited to you." Sunley led Nimue away, while Nimue simply shrugged and smiled at Merlin.
"Why am I dealing with this?" Merlin mumbled to himself, jogging after them.
Sunley glanced back at him, "Momma is too special to sleep on the dirt, strange man, and you must know that!" Her blue eyes bore into him.
"Aye, Little Elf, she is too special, but she knows that place well." Merlin said, taking Nimue's hand, as she blushed. Sunley made a face, "you two are worse than beasts."
She gave a shake of her unruly curls. "That is just not proper to speak of, especially in front of a child, humph! She turned swiftly and tripped over a stick, landing face first in the dirt.
Merlin suppressed his laughter as Nimue shot him a mean glance, as she helped little Sunley up. "Are you all right my daughter?" She asked, her bright eyes looking over Sunley for any signs of hurt.
"I am fine Momma," She cast a hard glance at Merlin, who was now laughing very hard. "However, strange man needs to be knocked down a bit though."
She gave a wave of her hand, and before Merlin could react, he was throw down on the ground by her power, face first, in a pile of cow dung.
Sunley let out her pearly laughter, "hmm, it is funny, so long as it doesn't happen to you."
Nimue tried not to laugh, despite the humor in it all. "That's not very nice Sunley." She let out a giggle and helped Merlin up.
"Are you hurt Merlin?" She asked, her eyes staring at his uncovered chest and the rippling muscles underneath. He brushed himself off, "Just my pride."
He closed his robe and cloak, much to Nimue's dismay. "Come, we much to do."
"Momma is not staying in that hole in the ground strange man!" Sunley glared her blue daggers at Merlin.
He simply glared back, "We aren't staying there, so you shan't have to worry Little Elf, we are to stay with my father, the High King."
Nimue glanced at him; "Ambrosius is still alive? Even after that wound he received six years ago?" She pulled her hood up and tugged Sunley's up.
"Oh aye, he is still around, although Uther handles much of the fighting these days." Merlin said, fixing his hood over his face.
Sunley held onto Nimue's cloak, as they walked to the palace that housed the High King and his family.
The guard at the gate refused to grant them entry, "I am sorry, but no one is allowed in or out now, please wait until the Lord Uther returns." The guard said, his eyes focusing on Sunley.
"I am Merlin Ambrosius Emrys, the High King's son, you will grant me entry, or face not only my wrath but my father's." Merlin spoke his eyes boring into the guard.
The guard laughed, "everyone knows the that High King's son need not ask from entry, he simply appears by the King, now be gone impostor!"
The guard shouted, getting the attention of few of the people within the gate.
Sunley let out a low, kitten-like growl, and stepped forward, "You shall move guard, if you know what is best for your life."
The guard only laughed harder, "Oh hoo hoo, a little child telling me what is best for my life, hahaha!" Nimue and Merlin exchanged looks and then backed away from Sunley.
She pushed back her cloak, showing just how tiny she really was, "Very well you pathetic waste of matter, you have angered a Child of Avalon, now face your end." She built up her uncontrollable power, and was about to aim it at the guard when a voice shouted.
"Kaye, let them past, they are known to me!" The voice yelled, as a huge shadow fell across young Sunley. Her eye grew wide and her mouth fell open.
"The Stag King appears before me!" Sunley fell to her knees.
"Who is that little one their, my son?" The shadow asked Merlin. Merlin smiled and pulled his hood down, "That Little Elf there, Father, is your granddaughter, Sunley."
Ambrosius cocked an eyebrow at Merlin. "And you remember Nimue."
Merlin wrapped his arm around Nimue's waist. "Splendid!" He boomed, startling Sunley, who dashed behind Nimue, peering at Ambrosius.
"Well come here Nimue, it has been too long!" Ambrosius gave the slight Nimue a tight hug, lifting her off her feet.
She laughed lightly, "My King! It is a pleasure to see you again!" She bowed slightly to him.
"And Little Elf," Ambrosius kneeled to Sunley's height, "greetings to you!" He held out his massive hand, which she took timidly.
He grasped her swiftly and threw Sunley onto his neck. "Come along then, it seems Merlin has much to tell me!" He let out a chuckle and bounded off.
"He hasn't changed one bit Merlin," Nimue said with a shake of her head and giggle. "Nor will he ever change," Merlin said, following after his father.
They were given the best rooms in the palace, and after cleaning up, eating and resting a bit; Merlin, Nimue and little Sunley went to Ambrosius's rooms.
"So tell me Merlin, when is the wedding? Or did I miss it and you never told me." He spoke lightly, his eyes shifting from Sunley to Nimue and back again.
"We have not talked of marriage Father, I knew of Sunley, yes, but she was to live on Avalon with her mother, but that changed." Merlin said, his eyes downcast.
"Why are you ashamed of this my son? You were born a bastard and look at you," He waved his hand at Merlin.
"Educated, acknowledged, powerful, and most importantly," Ambrosius gripped Merlin's shoulders. "The son I always dreamed of having. To have become the Stag King at Beltane and have your Goddess bring you and Nimue together that night was perfect. Neither of you," he looked Nimue and Merlin in their eyes, "have any reason at all to be ashamed of this. Why I do believe I have already fallen under our Little Elf's spell."
He laughed, sitting back in his chair as Sunley climbed into Ambrosius's lap and began to play with his beard.
"She favors you Nimue in beauty and coloring, but," he looked at Sunley's eyes, "she our eyes, my son." he tickled the small girl, who shrieked and fell back into his arm.
"Aye Father," Merlin said with a nod, "she favors her mother in looks and beauty, but she has my power." He paused, shaking his head.
"And your sharp tongue and wit, I imagine" Ambrosius finished with a smile. "That I can vouch for." Nimue declared with grin.
"Grandad," Sunley poked Ambrosius, who looked at her. "Is strange man really your son?"
Ambrosius shot Merlin a look, which merely shrugged, "she doesn't think I am her father, but she knows your are her grandfather."
Ambrosius laughed, "aye child, I am your grandfather and 'strange man' is your father, you have our eyes." She nodded knowingly and nestled against Ambrosius's chest, yawning and closing her eyes.
"I take it you are going to take her to Taliesin in the morning?" Ambrosius asked.
"He taught me everything I know and then some, he is the best start for her, since she really doesn't listen to me very well yet." Merlin said with a sigh.
Ambrosius gave a nod of approval, "and what brings a Woman of Avalon to our shores?" he asked Nimue, who quickly told him the ordeal.
"How could anyone not want this stunning creature among them is beside me," Ambrosius said, stroking his granddaughter's soft red hair as she slept soundly.
"Well since you two aren't going to marry, least not any time soon, I haven't decided how best to allow you two to stay together. The priests here would throw a fit, but I do not want to see my son suffer, nor will I see Nimue and grandchild upset either."
Ambrosius fell silent for a moment, thinking. "Aha!" his voice boomed through the room, Sunley barely stirred though. "Merlin, you still wear the Stag King ring I had forged for you."
"I have it still Father, why?" Merlin searched through his satchel, pulling it out. Ambrosius, carrying Sunley still, shifted through a chest, pulling out a matching ring, though smaller.
"Merlin," he looked at his son, "Nimue," his gaze fell on her. "You two were wed the Stag King and the Virgin Huntress, as was Merlin?s mother and I. Wear these rings to show that you were in fact married." he slipped the rings on their fingers.
Ambrosius patted their hands, "And now, off to bed with you two, I believe Little Elf here," he shifted Sunley slightly. "Is going to wake soon and keep me up all night." He smiled at them both as they turned to leave.
"Father," Merlin turned around quickly, "make sure she is up in time for us to go visit Taliesin."
"I will Merlin, do not worry." he waved them off, "go, my son and daughter!" Sunley woke, still sleepy, and yawned at him. "We have much to talk about my child." Ambrosius said, handing her a cookie.

Chapter Three
Merlin awoke to find Nimue gone and the fire long died. Groggy and shaking off the unwanted dreams caused by the Sight. Had all that happened? No, he shook his head again, dark hair falling across his brow, just dreams, or visions of what has yet to come.
He shifted to his side, and realized with amazement, that he was quite naked. So the intense lovemaking of last night wasn?t a dream, that, at least, was something.
His gaze roomed across the room that was so familiar to him, the room he had stayed in as a boy. Though it was sparsely decorated, it held all he had ever needed, his books, the harp built by his hands, a sword whose name he knew well.
A knock on the wooden door brought Merlin out of his thoughts. "Aye?"
The door opened with a creak, and a servant girl, no older than fourteen, peered in, "I bring Prince Merlin fresh clothes and a tub to bathe in, will ye bathe sir?"
She seemed so timid, so scared of him. "Yes, bring it in," he shifted, the blanket covering him modestly, "I shall clean and clothe myself."
The girl nodded, and opened the door wider so that two roughly built men brought the tub in. "Do ye wish for a fire sire? Or can ye make it yeself?"
Her big brown eyes roaming across his body, her cheeks flushed. She desired him, despite her awe of him as a Prince and enchanter.
With a shake of his head, Merlin stood, wrapping the blanket around his waist, "I am well now, you may go now. I need no more assistance."
He shooed her out the door. Breathing a sigh of relief, Merlin sat in front of the hearth to build a fire. While he could use magic to make the fire, he preferred doing it by hand, and using magic as a last resort.
After a few minutes of trying with no luck to make a fire hand, Merlin resigned with a sigh. "Figures." He muttered, drawing on the natural power around him, and turned it to heat on the coals and timber in the hearth. A tiny spark lit and slowly grew, until all was aflame.
Merlin stood and was about to take a nice long bath, when he heard a crash down the hall, followed by a high-pitched squeal.
"In the name of the One." Merlin exclaimed, sticking his head out the door, only to have Sunley run right into it, banging his head against the wood of the door, and the stone of the hall.
"Oof!" The little girl yelped out, landing hard. "You should be dressed as a princess, not some ragamuffin!" the old nanny, Margie, said, waving the comb at Sunley.
"You'd think, you would have had your hair combed once in a while." Sunley stood and glared daggers at the woman, "But you pull you old hag!" She screeched, dashing down the hall.
Margie muttering French swears under her breath followed after her.
"Margie?" Merlin said, staring at the woman. She turned and blinked, "Prince Hawk? 'Tis it really you?"
Margie had been Merlin's nanny and keeper throughout most of his boyhood. "Aha! Look at you!" Her gaze scanned him quickly with a look of approval.
"Don?t tell me that little monster is yours and Lady Sky's. Oh Goddess please!" Merlin let out a laugh, despite Margie having been raised in France for the first twelve years of her life, Margie was a very devote Pagan, and was like a sister to Merlin's father.
"Sorry to say it Margie, but, aye, she is." Margie shook her head.
"She?s like you, Hawk, very much so, though... a bit louder and more active than you were at that age. She bit and clawed a servant that came in to take her dirty clothes. The poor boy cried that an elf-demon attacked him. She?s a brash little thing." Margie shook her head, and smoothed her hands over her robe, "but she has been placed in my care I do not see how Lady Sky does it."
Merlin chuckled and kissed Margie on the cheek. "Little Elf listens to Nimue more than she shall ever listen to anyone else Aunt Margie." With a pat on his shoulder Margie headed after Sunley, and Merlin with a shake of his head and chuckle, went back into his room.
"This isn?t right!" Nimue said, arguing with the cook. "You have it spiced wrong." The poor cook, who spoke almost no Welsh or Latin, was having to listen to Nimue criticize his food.
"Gah! Let me do it." She pushed him aside, and began fixing his mistakes. The cook walked away muttering swears in his native language, and was crashed into by a small, red haired girl.
"Don?t touch me! I do not want my hair done!" She screamed, kicking free of the bewildered cook. "Momma! Tell the old hag, that I do not want my hair done!" Sunley dashed behind Nimue and clung to her robes.
Margie followed shortly behind her, "you little monster! Do you ever stop! Oh," She fanned herself with the comb; "I am too old for this. Sky, your child is too spirited for me."
She leaned against the wall, flushed and in disarray.
Nimue giggled, "Little Elf isn?t that bad Margie, you just aren?t that used to having a child like her around." Margie said a quick prayer to the Goddess, "Lady Sky, I have never had a child like that under my care. Hawk himself, though an odd one, was nothing like her, he was quiet and observant, she... she"
?What is all this noise I hear?? Boomed the loud voice of Ambrosious, ?many people have run to me saying that the house is being taken over by devils. I will not have disorder in my home.?
Sunley peeked out from behind Nimue, and let out a surprised squeak, ?Granda, I think it may have been me.? She stood meekly beside Nimue, her hair is disarray, and barefoot.
Ambrosius looked at her, a glint of laughter in his eye, ?it was you huh, Little Elf? I should have thought so. Now why are you causing a scene in my home child??
She walked forward and clung to his knee, ?Cause the mean old woman pulled my hair!? Sunley glared daggers at Margie, and promptly stuck her tongue out at the old woman.
Margie glared at Ambrosius, ?you see how that devil-child behaves toward me? And to come from such good stock.? She gave a shake of her head, mumbling French swears under her breath.
Ambrosius let out a laugh, ?Margie! Little Elf,? he grabbed both of them into his arms. ?I want the two of you to behave.? He glared mockingly at them both.
Merlin and Nimue exchanged glances. ?Are we clear?? He tickled Sunley and hugged Margie.
?Oh pah! All of you are mad!? Margie yelled, poking Ambrosius in the chest with a finger, ?you are worst of all brother.?
?Now, now Margie.? He soothed, grabbing her wrist loosely in his hand. ?We are all a bit mad at times, even you.? Ambrosius laughed and hugged her tightly. ?Come now dear sister.? He walked away with Margie in tow.
Sunley sat down in a huff, glaring up at Merlin. ?Its all your fault, you know?? She flung a dropped spoon at him.
Merlin looked at her questionably. ?How in the world is it my fault? I did nothing!? The spoon hit him squarely between his eyes. ?That was uncalled for Sunley, Margie was trying to make you presentable, that?s all. You are a Princess and the daughter of a Priestess of Avalon.?
?Ah, Merlin?? Nimue started, then seeing the expression on her daughter?s face, stopped short and simply waited.
Sunley stood up and glared at him, eyes blazing. ?You, have no right to tell me how I, Sunley Emrys, should be, you were not there for the first five years of my life, and just because my mother says so, does not mean I should listen to you, or do as you bid me. You, are not my ruler.? She turned to leave, ?And Mother does not rule me either. Everyone is afraid of the small child with great powers, so they try to control me, well I won?t have it. I?m leaving!?
The kitchen was dead silent; the only sound was the clatter of a pan as it hit the floor. ?Do you think she was serious?? Nimue asked, trying to busy herself.
?She won?t get far. You forget how protective my father is.? Merlin said, rubbing his forehead where the spoon had hit him. ?I doubt Father will let her go anywhere, but if I know her, which she is very much like I was at that age. I?ll just go to him and talk it out. I always did that when Margie made me angry.?
Nimue looked at him, ?I pray you?re sure about that. I pray to the Goddess you?re sure, Merlin.?

Chapter Four
?He was mean and controlling. I am a Priestess of Avalon, kind of, and no man tells me what to do. I don?t see what Momma sees in him. I really don?t, and Momma wants me to listen to him, I do not understand that.? Sunley sniffled and rubbed her face against Ambrosius?s shoulder.
?There, there Little Elf, someday you will understand what it means to love someone enough to compromise who you are for that person.? Ambrosius said, stroking her red curls and shushing her.
She looked at him crossly, ?I don?t see why anyone would willingly give up who they are for someone else, it doesn?t make sense. On Avalon, the Great Lady is always going on about how our bodies belong solely to the Goddess, and that we should never love anyone, and that as Priestesses we can only love Her. But the christens denounce the Goddess and make women stop thinking for themselves. I don?t see how a man can decide anything for a woman. Only a woman can choose to bear a child, and to whom to bear the child with.? She stopped and curled herself up against her grandfather, almost purring. ?Ah, we are of the Old Times Papa. The people no longer need our kind; they want a Christen King borne in wedlock to a mindless drone of a married nun. It saddens the heart.? She sniffled again and drifted off to sleep.
?Ah, my Little Elf, our family, and Avalon are all off the Old Ways, we are drifting away from the world of man. But there are things for you and your father to do yet, before our kind fades into the mists for good.? He shushed her, and began rocking back and forth, humming an old Celtic hymn.

~Its still a little rough, and I know there are a few typos, but it is something I have been working on, along with several other projects, just want a few opinions~

*As always, this story is copywrite to Holly Hook*

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Sat Apr 28, 2007 2:02 pm
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