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Author:  Hotwire [ Thu Feb 03, 2005 12:34 am ]
Post subject:  cool moments

heres a thred for those of us who like to share those moments that we think of when someone asks us why we play RPGs. the moments of complete bad-ass-ness that make you up and grin at the memory. you know the ones I'm talking about. post 'em

Author:  Hotwire [ Thu Feb 03, 2005 12:48 am ]
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okay, this ones from a Wearwolf the Apocolipse game we played about two years ago. I was running a Glass walker (thats a technologicaly oriented wearwolf for those who dont know) who's job was to deal with spirits- city spirits in his case.
his name was Eric J Dawson, and he called himself Geist. he was 16 years old, albino and about 120lbs.
about three hours after his pack returned from their trial by fire- the right of passage that marked their entry into the werewolf tribes- he was aproachd by a muscle-bound warrior who started in on him- talking shit about his being not only white- but ghost white. he went on to call Geist a Wyrmbringer and tell people that his presence brought disgrace to the werewolf tribes. Geist stood there, listening and when the jackass insisted that he be tested in combat, Geist took the challenge. the fight was to be at daybreak. he had ten hours to prepare.
fastforward to the next morning. the entire camp is gatherd around the fighting circle. the chalanger was a windego (thats a natave american tribe of werewolves) and he's standing there putting on a show for the crowd. then geist enters. facing off against a man nearly three times his size, he calmly walks forward in a black turtleneck and slacks. he quietly removes his shades, shifts to his werewolf form and steps forward to meet the challange.
the fight begins. at first its fist to fist. Geist is skilled at avoiding attacks, and dodges out of the way of the first few strikes. then the claws come out. geist takes a cut to the arm. still, he doesnt attack his opponent in any lethal capacity.
then, the mystics in the crowd begin to notice that Geist is nearly drained dry of spirit energy. whispers spread to murrmers and the crowd draws closer- wondering why Geist would exaust himself before a fight.
then, from across the forest, a sound is heard. it sounds like the buzzing of a hundred thousand bees ( =P ) but as the swarm clears the tree-tops, the Garou are surprised to see it is made up of hundreds of remote control airplanes.
the night before, Gesit had bargoned with various technology spirits to aid him in the fight. they made good on their part of the deal. now, one or two plastic planes hitting someone might knock them loopy- but that shit normaly wouldnt do jack to a werewolf. they regenerate too fast. about three hundred of the little bastards dive-bombing, on the other hand managed to subdue the bastard after the smoke cleared.
geist never got challanged unless it was serious after that.

Author:  Daemon [ Thu Feb 03, 2005 12:56 am ]
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That would be whenever Bob died.

Which was often.

Bob was a PC, my brother, in fact, and he had the most amusing ways to die.

Like, this one time, in Shadowrun, our group of heavily armed peeps came upon an elevator shaft which we needed to take to a lower level. The power was off because, of course, we were storming the building, so we had to climb down the cable. Well, we all went down, and Bob was last. Nothing bad happened in the shaft. However, when we got to the elevator car, we dropped through the emergency hatch.

Three of us are through when a fire-fight breaks out with security down the hall from the elevator. Well, security was using fully-automatic weapons, just hosing down the area. The three of us easily wiped them with our m4d sk1z1llz, so we keep going.

Several minutes later, we came upon a door that we needed Bob to open... but Bob wasn't with us. So, we back-tracked to look for him. As it turns out, we found him in the now-bloody elevator car.

We, the players, asked my brother what he was doing, and he said "splurt-splurt" very monotonically. We asked what was wrong, he looked at the GM, who was just as confused as us. Then he wrote the GM a note - WROTE A FREAKING NOTE instead of just telling us, in order to keep it in character - and the GM said "Bob is a bloody pulp lying in the elevator car." Funny thing, that. Bob dropped down and was roasted by the security guards' hosing of the area.

Then, there was that one time my monk got eaten by a red dragon because his movement was about ten-times higher than the next nearest party-member's.

And that one time when we were playing Nightmare and Tozetre's character got to punt another PC who was being stupid. Hehe. He was a good laugh.

I liked my Nightmare character in that game. The DM made us roll our dice and we could NOT arrange the stats to our pleasure. My character happened to have huge strength and huge physical beauty. He was, essentially, Fabio only stronger... and cuter, I'm sure. Anyways, not like looks matter, We came upon a pyramid in, I think, Egypt, or the city of the dead or something. We came across a door we wanted to open, but we couldn't do it normally. Well, being a brute, I figured "Hey, I bet I can just break it down with a few good punches." The GM made me roll my attack - a critical success. We laughed. He made me roll damage - I think it was something like 2d6x10 or something. Anyways, it was 10 points off of max and over 100. We laughed some more. Then the DM made me take that amount as my arm exploded on the door.

Then there was that one time, in Shadowrun again, when Bob and another... PC, I think, were trying to get something for themselves. Well, they had their fight, and at the end, she killed Bob at the same time Bob killed her.

Author:  Ultranos [ Thu Feb 03, 2005 6:09 pm ]
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I play mostly LARPs (there's a group on campus that runs 'em), so a lot of my awesome moments come from those.

The most recent of these was in a Warhammer 4OK based LARP. My character was being chased by a bounty hunter for embezzlement and was trying to get off the planet. There's one ship, which can take 8 people, 4 of which are the crew. 2 of us stick with the crew, help them fix the ship by grabbing 2 other people with a repair skill and then all of us escape in the ship as the rest of game gets attacked/killed/possessed by demons. In the process of escaping, we also took all the things that the rest of game would have needed to survive, like the only surviving character with the ability to repair armor, the only explosives left, and the really scary guns.

Another was when I was NPCing for a game based on Final Fantasy. A group of us came out as imps to harrass the PCs. A friend of mine, who was playing "the little child mage who's actually the strongest freaking character in the game", decides to use her special ability and starts chucking spell packets at us, yelling "Holy Magic, Death!". And we all fall over, muttering "Overkill much?", as imps had 2 HP. Later in that game, I came out as an enemy Black Mage (complete with black robe and hat, because the other NPCs decided to have fun dressing me up in the costume), and cast Protect on myself to increase my HP. However, I forgot to grab a dart gun to use after I ran out of spell packets (how MP worked) The result of this one was that I chased after two PCs, killed one of them and got the other down to 1 HP before running out of spells. Then I basically just stood there looming over the PC while she shot at me with a dart gun yelling "Why won't you DIE?!".

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