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 WAR Forum Rules 
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Post WAR Forum Rules
WAR Forum Rules

The following rules help maintain some semblance of order on the forum, and help to create an environment where people aren't afraid to post. If you have any concerns about a user's activities on this board, please contact a Moderator, or the SysOp.

Disclaimer: The WAR Forum takes absolutely no responsibility for accuracy of information or linked-to content. Posts, Private Messages, and Links are the property and responsibility of the poster. At all times, content on the WAR should be considered rated "R" unless warnings (see below) are given. Content will not be censored or removed unless it violates one of the forum's rules, or has become inactive due to disinterest after several months. All bans and warnings can be disputed via Private Message or e-mail to a Moderator or the SysOp.

Rules are grouped together by severity.

DSUWI! (Don't Sue Us! We're Innocent!) – Rules that will result in an instant, permanent ban from the Forum if violated, and if necessary, a call will be made to Ye' Ol' Law Enforcement Agency.

*Absolutely No Criminal Activity – I'm not talking about links to MP3 downloads or leaked book scans. I'm talking about things that will get you arrested and thrown in prison. This includes, but is not limited to: Theft and the selling of stolen property. Child pornography. The distribution of drugs or alcohol to minors. Physical abuse, harm, or killing. Basically, if any criminal event uses this board as a communications medium, I will become personally involved and ensure justice is carried out to the fullest extent of the law.
*Absolutely No Threats – This is a touchy subject because we allow (and sometimes encourage) flame-wars, but it is important to state that serious threats are not part of any discussion. Any perceived threats to one's person or property should be communicated to a Moderator or the SysOp immediately to be investigated.
*Absolutely No Malware Use – Including but not limited to: Phishing, social and electronic hacking attempts, virus creation and breaches of privacy of any member of this forum.

DBAFM! (Don't Be A F*cking Moron!) – Rules of common courtesy, civility and anti-asshattery. Violations will be met with warnings and temporary banning if needed.

*SPAM – Spam Accounts, advertising and attempts to sell Viagra will be deleted. IP bans will be imposed on any repeat offenders. Posting your anime collection auction on e-Bay is fine, just keep it on topic.
*Copyright Violations - Posters must refrain from hosting any copyrighted material on the WAR server. The WAR will remove any material that generates a legal, legitimate complaint from law enforcement in regarding owner's rights. Fair Use law, however, protects the bulk of what appears on this Forum.
*Swear Use – Please limit swear-words to 'as necessary', instead of 'every single word in a sentence'.
*Adult Content - Please label any adult, graphic or questionable content as such so those not wishing to view such content can avoid it.
*Spoilers - Please label posts that contain spoilers, hints, cheats or plot outlines if the content is not your own. When possible, leave ample room for someone to read and avoid the spoiler, or write it in a darkened text that requires highlighting to view.
*Formatting - The use of the Forum's formatting tools is a privilege, not a right. If your post looks like a rainbow, it had better be for a damn good reason. The same goes for images, memes and signatures. Please do not make them gigantic, or have any imbedded sounds/Flash animation, or they will be removed. Less is more!
*New Posts – Do a quick search to see if the topic you'd like to start already has a healthy beginning on the board. Don't worry, your post will bring it up to the top so everyone can see it. Useless or repetitive topics will be pruned, as will their authors.
*Insults – Personal Insults do not do well here. Try to keep any criticism constructive and on topic. Having an open mind is a sign of good character, while being an asshole is a sure way to frustrate and annoy your readers. This is especially important when you wander away from the 'Rants' section.
*Hate – Do not use the WAR as a soap-box for any bigotry or to further along any prejudices you feel you have to share with the world. Jokes about Canadians, Mexicans, and the Pope are fine, but glorifying hate, sexism or racism will remove your post, and you if needed.

The most important rule: DO NOT MAKE ME HAVE TO ADD TO THESE RULES.

And try to have a bit of fun. ^_^


Christopher Fiss
W.A.R. SysOp

Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:55 pm
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