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 An Introduction 
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A campaign against something.

Anglo-Norman werre from Old Northern French werre, a variant of Old French guerre, from Old Franconian werra, ultimately from Indo-European werza-, meaning "mixture" or "confusion."

Reality is boring.

It's okay. You can say it out loud. It's really no big secret and it certainly isn't an insult. Boring is safe. Quiet. Trustworthy. It helps the chaos that is Planet Earth run a little more smoothly than it would normally. It provides us with borders to protect the things we can touch and rules to define ambiguous concepts. It's a fine tool that helps us buckle down and get a lot of extremely important work done. "Realistically" and "In Reality" are important phrases when lives are on the line, your paycheck is being printed, or your doctor has news about that lump in your spleen.

But, like any tool, Reality can be misused.

Funny thing about general control and consensus is that it can make a lot of people smart enough to use it a whole lot of money. It can downplay change and rebellion. It hampers scientific and social progress by telling you: Everything you need is already here - daily, tiny struggles are all that matter. It puts undue importance on your bills and your 9-to-5. After all, this is Reality, not fantasy. What more is there? Excitement is something for little children and irresponsible adults who haven't grown up.

The War is not here to launch protests or topple your government. We are not here to fire guns or impose a system of belief on you. We're not some X-TREME adventure club to taunt your middle-age-crisis with, and we're not a Family Friendly ™ Site for the children to enjoy a colourful, safe online experience with their favourite mass-marketed talking animal cartoon characters. And while rebelling against irresponsible dictatorships or corporate empires is certainly possible, I'm afraid the weapons we have aren't of that nature.

The WAR is here to save the world, one imagination at a time.

Our weapons are Dreams and Brainstorms. Imagination is our fuel, and our armour is pure, uninhibited Creativity. Some have chosen to lead this attack with art and literature. Others simply share their inspirations and their passions. Why? Because all the best things we are cannot be defined by Reality. Who we are cannot be placed in a census form. Could you chain Love up in the back yard, or bottle your dreams so you could decant them at a later date? Would you have the audacity to think God is limited by the borders of your country, or that everything you can and will achieve will be outlined for you by age Eighteen?

Of course not.

We're here to inspire you to share yourself. We want to meet that little boy or girl inside of you that used to...or thankfully still does...wake up at five in the morning on the weekend so they can eat sugary cereal and watch cartoons. We want you to relive all those late nights you accidentally stayed up much too late reading a novel, comic, or thrilling to an old movie you've never seen before. The world needs to remember how to cheer on the good guy, jeer the villain...or root for them when they succeed so deservingly. The world needs your passion. The world needs your energy. Every eureka moment you have, every dream you can share, and every single thing that inspires you becomes more precious than gold here. The WAR is here because there are people like you out there, who are getting a little tired that Reality doesn't have room for their ideas, passions and dreams. Instead of being silent, stable and boring, we are here to share it all, and bring wonder to the next person who needs to be reminded just how wonderful the world was...and is. There is a severe shortage of unshakable confidence that the universe is an interesting place, and we are here to fight that.

Reality is the Ordinary. I want you to help save the world by making it an Extraordinary place once more.

I can think of no greater thing worth fighting for.

Welcome to the WAR.


Christopher Fiss
W.A.R. SysOp

Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:50 pm
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