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 A day like any other... 
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Post A day like any other...
This is another of my short stories, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

~A Day Like Any Other~

‘Come on, you promised.’ She grabbed his hand and dragged him onto the roof. Her blonde hair shone around her like a halo. He slowly followed, the height making him queasy.

* * * * *

He tapped his foot impatiently and drummed his fingers on the stone throne. Lounging in the dark room he waited. He hated to wait. Reaching back he scratched his back where is wings met the flesh. They itched most of the time. Yawning he looked up at the night sky. The glass dome above him showing the sky at its best. He sighed. How long did it take to… he let the thought trail off, he really had no idea how long it took. He kicked at imaginary dust bunnies before finally lifting his large frame from the seat. He stood over six feet tall, the starlight not giving his perfect body and features justice. Stomping towards the door, his long blonde hair covered his brooding features.

At the door he was met by a small winged cherub.
‘No, you must wait a while longer.’ It berated him with a child-like voice
‘But, I am lord here.’ He grunted. The cherub shrugged.
‘They are the rules m’lord.’ It handed him a plate of food and ushered him back into the darkened room. As he walked back, the lanterns around the room and the large crystal chandelier lit up. The room was golden and white that mirrored his form. Slumping back in the chair he placed the tray on a small pedestal that appeared as he moved the tray. He picked at the fruit, most of it being crushed in his grasp before it made his mouth. It frustrated him more. With a wave of his hand the plate refilled with perfect fruit, this time a goblet of honey coloured liquid joined the sumptuous fruit.

Taking the goblet in hand he sipped the fluid and looked again at the sky, it was beginning to change, hinting at the dawn. Had it been that long? The sky was tinged with magenta and apricot. He stretched out and dropped the empty cup it disappeared before it could hit the floor with a clang. The sound of the morning choir filled the room and the rest of the building. It was the wake up call for all those who could sleep. He hadn’t been able to sleep for a long time now. He jumped up into the air and stretched out his wings, knocking the tray. It hit the floor with a loud crash as he reached the ceiling. A small perch in the dome gave him the chance to see outside, the surrounding area was lush green as usual. Fields of flowers and forests of evergreen trees filled his view. Boring. He wanted change. Back flipping down he floated on his outstretched wings and landed soundlessly on the ground. Whoever said eternity was easy had never lived it.

* * * * *

She took his hand and squeezed it tightly.
‘Together we can,’ she said more for herself and smiled at him lovingly.

* * * * *

A small woman dressed in plain gold robes and silver hair pulled back into a severe bun entered the chamber. Her dour face showing steel gold eyes that sparkled with fury.
‘You know better,’ she scolded with a hiss. He rolled his eyes at her and stood up. She barely reached his thigh.
‘Don’t try and intimidate me.’ She growled. She effortlessly floated up to his eye level.
‘We all have our job to do and yours at present is to wait.’ She told him flatly.
‘I’m bored.’ He sighed. ‘Is there something you can…’ he stopped when he saw the gleam in her eye.
‘Don’t complain to me and do not harass the lesser hosts. They are also busy.’ She glared at him one last time.
‘Sorry grandma.’ He shuffled his foot.
‘I am not…’ she shook her head when she saw his smirk. ‘Behave,’ she floated out of the chamber silently.
‘Here,’ she threw him back a rainbow coloured cube. ‘Something to challenge you,’ he picked up the cube and studied it. It was made up of six colours on smaller cubes within the larger one. It shifted. Taking his seat again he idly fiddled with it, having no real idea what his aim was.

* * * * *

She looked at him with tearful eyes, her shirt wet with tears. He squeezed her hand in return and nodded.
‘One, two…’ she never spoke the next word as they stepped.

* * * * *

A bell sounded and he dropped the cube. Finally! He walked out of the chamber and into the hall. The arches facing the outside giving him a quick escape. He stretched his wings and took flight. He headed towards the gate. Well that is what it was named. It was actually a stone circle. Flying in he landed softly and waited for the keeper to send him on his way. The keeper arrived and activated the gate. Not that he understood the process. Everything went white.

He arrived. He knew that his actions would only be viewed by his own kind. He looked around and sighed. It was not what he had thought. He watched at two teenagers, a male and female took a step off the edge of a building. He shook his head. Why were they so self destructive.

* * * * *

For a split second she felt like she was flying. Then it stopped. Something was holding the both. She looked behind her to see a blonde man dressed in white. She passed out.

* * * * *

He sighed and pulled the two limp bodies up onto the rooftop. The boy had passed out immediately after he stepped off. He touched his forehead and whispered a small charm. The boy would forget. The girl on the other hand he roused.
‘How many times?’ he asked her. She was groggy.
‘Brother?’ she asked vaguely. He nodded.
‘Stop it,’ he scolded. ‘I have enough to do without having to clean up your mess Ambrosia.’ She pouted, crossed her arms and huffed.
‘If you want your wings back, you’ll have to do it that hard way.’ He stepped away and walked off into a white light. He returned to the gate.

* * * * *

She stood up and walked down the stairs leaving the limp body behind. She still had one more idea to try.

* * * * *

He sat in his chair and looked at the ceiling. At least she had broken the monotony of the day. He tapped his foot and it bumped the cube. He leant down and picked it up. The grey haired woman peered in the door.
‘You need to get all of one colour on one side.’ She instructed and walked off. He looked down at the cube. He wasn’t that bored yet. He looked at the sky. It was getting dark again. He wondered how long it would be until he had to do his real job and not just be called to deal with his wayward sister.

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